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With N bijoux, may your everyday be a special one. We are here for you, who are strong and beautiful, glittering like jewels.

About Hospitalite Inc

We, Hospitalite Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of our brand, N bijoux. Because craftsmanship conveys a story about the objects we offer, our company values and appreciates its existence. Craftsmanship communicates stories of creation and our never-ending quest for beauty in the same way as art and music do. Chitose Silk Bra marketed under our brand name tells everything about the potential and creativity. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a prominent distributor and exporter. Our exclusive brand has become the first choice of the buyers.

N stands for Nana, the creator, and Naomi, the designer. The name comes from the French word, bijoux, which means, jewels. Our ultimate aim is to make others enjoy how lingerie can make them feel like they are wearing a piece of fine jewellery.

With The Japanese Textile Industry

Since the Industrial Revolution of Japan, which began before the Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese textile industry has sustained our clothes. Unfortunately, many Japanese industries have shuttered as a result of the transition to rapid fashion. N bijoux never compromises when it comes to the Japanese textile industry and Japanese Chitose Silk Bra offered by our company, which are all come with a tag of, made in Japan and specialise in polite and delicate production.
Why Choose Us

We Follow Mottainai Concept

Mottainai, my favourite grandmother, used to say this a lot. I used to be unable to get as a matter of course. I want you to treasure one item and keep it for a long time.


Check Your Bra Size: We will send a measuring tape, size chart, and measurement instructions for N bijoux to customers who do not know their size before buying the item.

Reward and Success Of Women

Study, housework, childbirth, care, fashion, and friendship are all things that people do. Women work so hard every day that they do not even realise it. The majority of the employees

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